Things to see

Amphitheatre in Pula

This is one of the most amazing attractions in Istria – the impressive Ancient Roman amphitheatre also known as Arena of Pula. Located by the city harbour, it used to host gladiator contests. Today it is used for concerts and the famous Pula film festival

Beaches in Vrsar

Around Vrsar there are a couple of beautiful beaches where you can enjoy the sun and the sea. Everyone can find here what they like, from tiny pebble to rocky beaches. Most of them have blue flag, and they are all well furnished.

Natural heritage

Istria is perfect for relaxation with its intact nature and preserved natural beauty. Here you will find green hills, national parks, botanic gardens, geological sites, caves and caverns and other attractive natural locations.

Aeropark Vrsar

Near Vrsar there is a sports airport surrounded by green fields along the coast. Except for the sky adventures that offers, on the land you can enjoy various activities. Sit in the cockpit, visit the exhibition and discover the world of planes!

Park of Sculptures

Dušan Džamonja Park of Sculptures is one of the most visited attractions in the area. This famous artist has made Istrian meadows his atelier, workshop and park of sculptures. The surface spreads on 10 hectares, on the hills overlooking the sea.

Archipelago of 18 islets

The sea landscape of Vrsar is marked by islets. The view of the archipelago is a pleasure for every traveller wanting to rest their eyes on a natural beauty. Among these islets you will find many hidden bays, coves and caves.